Here are some tips to help you buy outdoor lighting that meets your needs and your space.

Beautify your yard with outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance the safety and style of your yard.

Types of outdoor lighting

  • Driveway Lights : These lights are usually strategically placed along your sidewalks and driveway so you can see where you are walking. There are a multitude of lighting styles available to add a decorative touch to your walkways.
  • Wide beam projectors ( Flood Lights ) projectors wide beam are designed to keep intruders by illuminating large areas of your home. These projectors are powerful and often require additional wiring in order to operate at peak efficiency.
  • Exterior Wall Sconces : Installed on an exterior wall, usually near the front door or above the garage, these light fixtures light up your entryway and door locks. They also allow you to identify your visitors. Wall sconces come in hundreds of different styles to enhance your home. However, they often need to be installed by professionals.
  • Floor lamps : To give your home a traditional look, consider installing elegant floor lamps. These lights are more expensive. However, they can help you make your outdoor decor look great or just light up the end of your driveway. Some street lights can be plugged into an external outlet, but most require an underground cable to be installed.
  • Terrace lamps: terrace lamps are often recessed in your terrace and on your outdoor stairs. They allow you to use your outdoor space after dark. Look for low-wattage water-repellent lamps so that your patio is nicely illuminated rather than brightly lit with a dazzling light.
  • Tight beam headlamps ( Spot Lights ) : tight beam headlamps can add depth to your landscaping by illuminating trees and other outdoor elements. Look for spotlights that cast a soft light to showcase the natural beauty of your garden.

Factors to Consider When Buying Outdoor Lighting

  • Solar Lights: Solar lights absorb the sun’s energy during the day and then use it in the evening to light up your driveway. These outdoor lights are not as powerful as other types of lights, but they are much cheaper to operate.
  • Low voltage lamps : low voltage lamps are plugged into outdoor sockets and help save energy to the detriment of brightness. These lamps are rather decorative since they are not very strong, but they give a serene and magical look to your garden on hot summer nights.
  • Line Voltage Lamps : These lamps are powered at the same voltage as your home. So you will need proper wiring when installing them. Among their advantages are higher brightness and better visibility.
  • Timers : If you’re used to leaving the house after dark or coming back late at night, a timer will ensure that there will always be clarity when you need it. The timers turn on the lights at a set time so your driveway and driveway are well lit when you return.
  • Motion detectors: Motion detectors automatically turn on your home’s exterior lights when you walk past. They eliminate hard-to-find switches in the dark and are therefore very practical. Their effective security system alerts you as soon as someone approaches the house.

Outdoor lighting increases the safety and beauty of your home and landscaping. There is a wide range of fixtures that will allow you to illuminate and beautify your home.

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