The beautiful days are here and this year, the desire to enjoy the terrace will be all the more important as we have experienced a very dull spring confined in our homes. Fortunately, this dark period is behind us and we can now focus on developing a most aesthetic outdoor terrace to finally enjoy the gentle caress of the rays of our favorite star.

The first important question to answer when you think of setting up a beautiful terrace is obviously that of the garden furniture. There are many shapes, colors and materials that each meet particular aesthetic tastes but also specific uses. It is therefore important to compare the different characteristics of the sets offered before making a final choice. Explanations.

Choose your garden furniture according to your habits

Before choosing the color or the materials for your garden furniture, you will have to ask yourself what you will use it for. Indeed, each set does not have the same elements. If you prefer a nap in the sun or lazy Sunday, for example, you will need to choose a set with deckchairs and sunbathing . And why not a small table with wheels to accommodate your fresh cocktails and your books.

Those who prefer large tables with several people and who hope that the weather will allow them to eat outside as many times as possible, should instead opt for garden furniture with comfortable chairs and a solid table at human height to set up a room. outdoor terrace worthy of welcoming guests , and capable of supporting the weight of the food which is sure to come and embellish the party!

Garden furniture and constraints

To set up an outdoor terrace to the best of its ability , you will also need to consider environmental constraints. The size of the space devoted to the garden furniture will of course be essential. No need to order a set with eight chairs if you can only fit four! Also think about the sometimes fluctuating climate. What will you do if it rains? Do you have a place to store your equipment?

If you want to leave your garden furniture outside , you should avoid materials that are too sensitive to humidity such as untreated wood and instead turn to PVC. If your storage room is narrow, you can also opt for folding chairs that avoid unattractive plastic while ensuring greater longevity for your garden furniture . Finally, think about maintenance. Some woods like pine or teak require an annual oil application to last.

Building an outdoor terrace, at what budget?

The last criterion that will guide you in choosing your garden furniture to fit out your outdoor terrace is obviously the price. The prices charged range from around one hundred euros for the simplest pieces of furniture to over 1000 euros for a piece of furniture that is luxurious in essence and with a refined design. Depending on your budget, you will therefore have to make the choice of quality or quantity, but also think that a garden furniture is a long-term investment.

Indeed, buying very low-end equipment is not always a good deal, especially if he spends a lot of time outdoors. Bad weather can have a strong impact on the structure and aesthetics of your furniture, and low quality can present risks of breakage that will force you to buy a whole set too quickly. So choose your garden furniture carefully, because it is the real guarantee of happy days under the summer sun!

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