In this post we are going to tell you a few tips to go camping , intended for all those who are considering doing it for the first time, but have some fears or doubts normal to any newbie.

Because often those who have never been to campsites imagine them as narrow, ugly and dirty places, where there are some dogs that are more like the last survivor than pleasant neighbors with whom to exchange talks. You don’t know how wrong you are!

The normal thing is to find well-maintained and clean facilities, in a very cool environment next to a cove or in the middle of a relaxing forest, and with friendly neighbors of the plot and predisposed to throw you a cable in everything. For us, it is an experience that you have to live at least once in your life, and you will most likely end up repeating.

But before taking the step, take note of all these tips to go camping , which are sure to come from fable:

Watch out for your companions

You can go camping alone, of course, but the fun is multiplied if you go as a couple or in a group. Also ( spoileeeer alert ) you just have to see how the one from Hacia Rutas Salvajes ended. But be very careful, because as in every trip, you have to have a lot of confidence with your companions, in a camping there is a lot of social life, you have to cook, order, etc … and it is always better to coordinate with people with whom you feel more at ease. taste.

Disconnect but …

The ideal is to take advantage of these days to disconnect as much as possible. How long hasn’t it been a whole day without looking at email or gossiping on Facebook? We already answer: too much! So use these days of camping to do a technological detox as God intended. If you think you can’t survive without your phone (vaaaale, a Netflix series never hurts) or without your ebook, a good idea is to take a power bank to recharge your devices in case there is no electricity.

Go glamping

If going camping doesn’t convince you, you don’t have to give up the experience of going camping. How? Head over to glamping : believe us, there are facilities that have nothing to envy of a category hotel, and in this case, adventure and comfort go hand in hand. You can find some good examples on the Yelloh Village website . And yes … with those pools you can convince even the most posh friend;).

They are usually pitches that have luxury tents (and even cabins or houses) that include electricity, hot showers, swimming pool, Wi-Fi zone and children’s play area. Come on, luxury campsites!

Hard camping is my thing!

Okay, macho! If you want to get lost in the woods and play survival, at least try to take some essential things with you:

  • Tent , according to your plans: if you go hiking, you should not carry too much weight. We have two: these are bigger and this one is smaller .
  • Sleeping bag , you are not going to sleep in the top of a pine tree and wrap yourself in tree bark. There are light bags, for milder temperatures and other special ones for polar nights! Take a look at these .
  • A pan , cup, plates and fork / spoon / knife kit like this one , and camping gas for cooking whenever allowed.
  • Food to survive: cans, pasta, rice, nuts, energy bars and non-perishable foods that do not need a refrigerator.
  •  Water , although all camping facilities, no matter how basic, usually have drinking water.
  •  Soap , toothpaste and brush. Try not to wash yourself in the waters of rivers, lakes, the sea … or if you do, use an ecological soap .
  • First aid kit.

If you take a tent with you… practice!

Seriously, we do not understand how man can travel freely through space and no one has yet invented a tent that opens and above all closes easily. If you have those that open in a few seconds, practice assembling it. If you have one of the rods, practice more!

Be careful if you make fire

One of the great enemies of our forests are fires. So do it only in places where it is allowed and never leave it unattended. Before you go, make sure the fire is completely out. It’s not any joke! Do not endanger the environment, or your wallet (the fines are very high) for an oversight.


Especially in high season, forget about going to a campsite and pretending to find a place because of your pretty face… people love camping and it is a cheap and beautiful way to travel. In Europe it is one of the most typical styles of getting to know places. If you don’t want to go home and camp in the garden, reserve your place in advance.

Don’t leave food in sight …

… Or you’re going to have company sooner rather than later. Whether from wasps and ants or from larger animals (this is the first thing you learn on a trip to Canada !). Better not risk it and close everything well!

Help, I get bored

There are a thousand things you can do while camping: trekking, bathing on the beach (or in the pool if you have one), sunbathing, doing yoga, reading a book, writing, listening to music, making new friends, visiting a town near. Come on … if you get bored it’s because you want to! So don’t complain about anything XD

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