Gardens and outdoor spaces were secondary to many homeowners, but those days are gone. These six contemporary exterior design trends are giving gardens a new lease of life.

Top 6 outdoor and patio design trends

1. A paved-style patio

The grid pattern for patios and walkways has given way to much more intricate and distinctive designs.

  • A mandala, owner’s initials, flower design, or kaleidoscope design are some of the designs incorporated by owners.
  • Interlocking pavers and concrete in oversized formats, lined in various tones and shapes, make it easy to delimit the space.
  • Unexpected geometric patterns help create a beautiful element of outdoor decor.

2. Juxtaposed materials

Outdoor patio designs are now also highlighted by combining two (or more) contrasting materials.

  • Today, patios, walkways, gardens, paths and retaining walls are created with combinations of stone, concrete, quartz, various metals and even different wood grains.
  • For example, the light color of stone pavers with frames and / or accents of dark metals or contrasting hardwoods can immediately add style and visual interest to an outdoor space.

3. An artistic integration

Flower beds and vegetable gardens are no longer simply grafted to the garden.

  • Nowadays, garden areas are seamlessly and deliberately integrated into patios, walkways, retaining walls, terraces and verandas.
  • Patios created to follow natural curves and to leave open spaces for gardens and flower beds will provide a more seamless overall look and a greater sense of integration throughout the property.

4. Environmentalism

While style and design are now priorities, homeowners make landscaping decisions while keeping an eye on the environment.

  • Environmentally friendly materials are preferred, as patios are now more likely to have permeable pavers that ensure ideal rainwater drainage.
  • Using native plants, xeriscape (landscaping that takes irrigation into account) and composting are some of the ways in which gardens can be more environmentally friendly.

5. Gourmet cuisine in the open air

Just having a gas grill on your patio isn’t enough for some homeowners.

  • These days, bespoke outdoor kitchens are all the rage.
  • Kitchens come with built-in gourmet stations, refrigerators, stocked bars, and even brick-built pizza ovens for wood-fired pizzas at home.

6. A warm space all year round

With all of these styling upgrades available, homeowners are also finding creative ways to extend the outdoor season we all love.

  • Designer fireplaces, outdoor brick fireplaces, and innovative electric or gas heating systems can help keep the patio cozy during the winter months.

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